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Glenn Fields has a motor and transmission for sale -

My motor and transmission came out of the same car.  Bought them in West Virginia where I purchased a '65 Cyclone.  The car ran strong,  He rebuilt the transmission while he had it out.  After I got every thing back to Missouri found the headers hit my shock towers and I didn't want alter my car.  The transmission did not work either as the shift handle came up in my console.  I had to have the shift handle all the way forward on the tail stock and Mustangs are at the end of the tail section.  So ended up rebuilding the original 289 and bought a top loader four speed out of a Falcon. 

The motor is a 5.0 out of a '93 Mustang GT'  It had 85000 miles on it.  I bought the complete motor with alternator, air conditioner compressor, computer and wiring harness. 

The transmission is a T-5 five speed and has not been used since it was rebuilt.

Asking $750 for each.

If you need any other information let me know.  I really appreciate you doing this for me.  My name is Glenn Fields, I live between Pierce City and Wentworth and my phone # is 476-2918.  My E-mail is 

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